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A New Team-Building Approach

Ntrinsx for Teams

Building a high performance team starts with establishing respectful relationships among all team members. Using the patented Ntrinsx online assessment, Ntrinsx for Teams makes it easy for team members to understand their own temperament and, perhaps more importantly, the values of others they work closely with. 

Ntrinsx is used around the world by very large organizations as a foundation for their learning initiatives. Now, a manager can do the same thing for his or her own team using Leader-Led learning conversations. The conversations can be conducted as normal team meetings or lunch & learns, either in-person or virtually. 

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As the name implies, Leader-Leds are designed to be facilitated by a manager or team leader with no formal experience in teaching. Everything the team leader is right there on his/her Ntrinsx dashboard, including illustrated leader guides, streaming videos, and team member handouts. 

The approach is simple. Everybody completes a quick online assessment that highlights the key aspects of their temperament, thus learning about their own core values. Then, you play a short video that explains the theory. Then, the team discusses how their individual values contribute to the team and how the team collectively benefits by leveraging each others strengths. Here's the general process:

Step 1: Purchase credits and identify your team. Specify the number of people on your team, including yourself. Specify your team's name and your name and email address. 

Step 2: Identify your team members. Specify the names and email addresses for each member of your team.

Step 3: Edit your invitation message. You can edit the canned message or use it as-is. 

Step 4: Invite your team members to take the assessment. The system will add a unique invite code to your message, then create and send invitation emails to each team member. They simply click the invitation code and they will be routed to take the assessment (the assessment takes 3 - 5 minutes to complete). 

Step 5: Invite your team members to a team meeting. Everything is online so your meeting can be in a conference room that is equipped with a projector and/or conducted virtually. Your meeting invite can be included with the assessment invite or sent separately. 

Step 6: Conduct the meeting. Everything you need is in your Leader dashboard. You can download the leader guide in advance to familiarize yourself with the meeting agenda and step-by-step instructions. The instructions will direct you to stream one or more videos. The videos explain the theory, so you don't have to study that, and they set up the learning conversations for each key topic. The rest is simply doing what you normally do with your team - talk about the topic. Allow 45 - 60 minutes for your discussion depending on the size of your team.

Ready to get started?

Create My Team

You can be ready for your meeting in a few minutes. Your price is $45.00 per person. 

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