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Version 7 Upgrade for Certified Facilitators

The new Version 7 Facilitator Kit is available now. This new kit comes packaged in a convenient box that holds all of its contents together, making it easier to grab and go to your next Ntrinsx session. The kit includes:

  • A new, reformatted and upgraded Facilitator Guide

  • New module - Color of Effective Meetings

  • Colors at-a-glance insert

  • A new bookmark for your Guide Book

  • Your pre-printed name tent and mini poster

  • A Product box full of sample giveaways

Where would you like us to send your new Facilitator Kit?

Thanks. We will notify you when your new kit is shipped.

FG Box.png
Facilitator Guide Book View.png
FG Perspective.png

New 3-ring binder will make it easier for us to upgrade your Facilitator Guide in the future.

  • Compatible with the latest PowerPoints

  • New content

  • Larger slide thumbnails

  • More space for notes

  • Includes extra notes pages that you can insert where you want them


New bookmark clips into the binder rings to make it easier for you to access pages in the Facilitator Guide.

Serves as a convenient cheat sheet too, with Values on one side and Shadows on the other. 

A new product box full of sample giveaways that are available from the Ntrinsx store to enhance your classroom atmosphere.

What's in the box
Klip Note.png

Klip Notes attach to their monitor.


Stylus Pen reminds them how to log in

Gold Button.png

Magnetic buttons attach to clothing or metal - no pins.

Product Box.png
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