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Ntrinsx Certification 

Ntrinsx Certification is a 2-day course taught by Master Facilitators, Lisa Yankowitz and Roberta Pettis that will prepare you to facilitate Ntrinsx learning products. During the course you will:

The Ntrinsx Facilitator Guide

Your new Ntrinsx Facilitator Guide will update you to the latest version of Ntrinsx.

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Detailed instructions step you through each slide for all Ntrinsx modules.

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Predefined Poll questions are designed for in-person and virtual training sessions.

  1. Monitor an Ntrinsx Understanding People session delivered by Master Facilitators

  2. Learn about all the resources available to you in the Ntrinsx Learning Library

  3. Learn facilitation techniques that are unique to delivering Ntrinsx sessions

  4. Practice facilitation of the Ntrinsx Understanding People module

  5. Practice facilitation of the Color of Communication module

  6. Overview the Conflict and Stress module

  7. Learn how to implement the Ntrinsx TeamTalk Teambuilder and Coaching tools

  8. Learn how to use and teach the Ntrinsx Social Intelligence online dashboard

Ntrinsx Certification Refresher

Ntrinsx Certification Refresher is a 6-hour session for current Ntrinsx Facilitators to update them on the latest Ntrinsx features and modules. We will review the updated Understanding People (formerly Getting Started), Communication, and Conflict & Stress modules and you will learn about:  

  1. New enhanced Facilitator Guide 

  2. New Ntrinsx Learning modules and TeamTalk Teambuilder and Coaching tools

  3. New Ntrinsx Learning Library

  4. Ntrinsx online dashboard enhancements

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