Hello HCA Facilitator,

When the virus hit us in March of 2020 we made it a priority to upgrade all of our learning materials to be compatible with in-person and virtual learning sessions. Specifically, we enhanced the design of the PowerPoints, added new content, redesigned the handouts to reduce your printing cost, and we redesigned the Facilitator Guide to include Polling and Breakouts for virtual sessions. This new Facilitator Guide is free for all HCA Facilitators who are certified to facilitate Ntrinsx sessions. To get yours, simply complete the form.

On the night of November 24, 2020, you will be upgraded to Ntrinsx 6, which is the latest version of the Ntrinsx Social Intelligence platform. We prepared the 24 minute video below to give you a detailed preview of what you will see when you log into Ntrinsx after the November 24th upgrade. 

Facilitator Guide Request


Where should we send your new Guide Book?

Thank you. We will ship your new Facilitator Guide right away.